Celebrate Taylor Swift’s Birthday With Her 23 Best Moments: Bad Boys, Maple Lattes, More

Spencer Cain

Larger-than-life star Taylor Swift turns 23 today, and the country-pop chanteuse has lived quite a life in her wildly successful six year career. She’s broken records, won numerous awards, and dated an unreasonably large amount of hot Hollywood guys.

Swift’s illustrious time at the top hasn’t been without controversy (who doesn’t remember the infamous MTV Video Music Awards incident with a drunk Kanye West?), so with this gallery, we attempt to capture it all—the good, the bad and the ugly.

Some of you may have strong feelings regarding Swift: Many have suggested that she’s getting overexposed, and it’s also worth noting that her numerous dalliances with high-profile men have been labeled as overly promiscuous and criticized. Still, Swift has managed to maintain her image as America’s biggest sweetheart—and can be credited with staying relatively humble despite the never-ending flashbulbs and millions of dollars.

Here, we’ve compiled Swift’s 23 most memorable moments—from maple lattes with Jake Gyllenhaal to her first fashion week.

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