Taylor Swift: Has America’s Sweetheart Become Overexposed?

Spencer Cain

 Taylor Swift: Has Americas Sweetheart Become Overexposed?

Back in September 2009, pop-country superstar Taylor Swift‘s name was splashed across the headlines thanks to a now-infamous incident involving noted loose cannon Kanye West. At the MTV Video Music Awards, Taylor was accepting her Moon Man for Best Female Video when Yeezy drunkenly stumbled onto the stage, stating that the award should have been given to Beyoncé.

Everyone jumped to Taylor’s defense, positioning her as a sweet girl who had been humiliated by a mean-spirited grinch. Her public image was filled with sunshine, sundresses and a seeming lack of interest in the whole Hollywood party scene, so how could anything about her be remotely negative?

In recent months, however, it seems the tide may be turning against Swift. While she has always been outspoken about her relationships (or lack thereof), John Mayer finally responded to “Dear John,” a song she wrote about him and their alleged dalliance, in an interview with Rolling Stone:

“It made me feel terrible because I didn’t deserve it. It was a really lousy thing to do. It’s cheap songwriting. It’s abusing your talent to rub your hangs together and go, ‘Wait til he gets a load of this!’ That’s bullsh*t.”

Now, the negative headlines around Swift are building, thanks to her relationship with 18-year-old Kennedy scion Conor Kennedy. After barely two months of dating, she was allegedly plunking down millions of dollars on a swanky beach house down the road from the legendary Hyannis Port Kennedy compound. Then, there was a paparazzi frenzy at the gravesite of Conor’s late mother Mary (who hanged herself just this May) when Taylor showed up with her beau.

Just yesterday, the media went crazy over reports that Swift was actually asked to leave a Kennedy wedding after she and Conor showed up without having RSVP’ed, again causing a paparazzi frenzy. While her rep denied the reports vehemently, Kathie Lee Gifford (who is, as it turns out, related to the clan by marriage) then confirmed the tabloids’ reports.

Perhaps proving the old phrase that “all press is good press,” her new single “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together” is already at the top of the charts. There’s no doubt that Taylor will stay famous and successful, but the star may want to tread lightly where her good-girl image is concerned. Of course, she should be able to date whomever she wants — but doing so in such an aggressive fashion has actually turned a lot of people off. At face value, it looks to some like she’s trying to tangle herself in America’s most famous family in order to have fodder for her next album.

Our advice to Taylor is cool it with the press spectacles for a little bit, and stick to what she does best: writing catchy tunes. But we want to know what you think. Weigh in below!

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