Tavi Squirms And Giggles Through A CBS Interview


CBS’sThe Early Show must not refreshThe Satorialist as often as Tavi Gavinson‘s new mag,Rookie, because less than two weeks after Scott Schulman questioned the 15-year-old’s ability to provide legitimate insight, reporters prodded the blogger for life advice.

Maybe it was the montage of her pre-teen self lip-syncing to Taylor Swift and dancing to ABBA, or the morning anchor double-team that CBS provided, but Tavi was less than charismatic on the AM interview. Clad in a printed purple T-shirt and signature fire-red bangs, the teenager dodged eye contact, feigned a few laughs, and somehow found herself talking about adolescent sexcapades.

Turns out, fashion mag or not, high schoolers are just as awkward today as they were when we roamed the halls. Check out the raw footage here.

What do you think of Tavi’s CBS interview?

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