Target Makes Amends For Their Missoni Debacle

Jessica Rubin

For a while it seemed as though the Missoni for Target saga was the story that just wouldn’t go away. From the disastrous crash of their website to the thousands of missing orders, we wrote off this collaboration as somewhat of a failure and moved on. But no matter where we turned, the collection came back to haunt us.

But now Target has put the issue to bed by going that extra mile and making it up to their disgruntled customers. Those who had their orders cancelled or backordered indefinitely are now faced with the chance of receiving their orders … for free. One customer shared his email from Target, which encouraged him to “donate” the merchandise if he doesn’t want to keep it.

But as NY Mag points out, considering the price of a Missoni for Target item on eBay, it seems unlikely that these lucky souls will part with their semi-designer goods. Hey, it’s a dog-eat-dog world, right?

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