“Sweeney Todd” Star Johnny Depp Joins Favorite Brit Band Babybird


What normal people do when they have a favorite band: listen to songs on repeat, put posters of the band all over their wall, make one of those time-consuming YouTube lipdub videos, tweet at them, make a list of every tour stop and then stalk the van…

What Johnny Depp, who we saw sing in Sweeny Todd, does when he has a favorite band: plays with the actual band…Oh.

Because he can do whatever he wants, Depp is lined up to play guitar with Babybird for their comeback show in London. In addition, he’s the video director for their new (unnamed) single. If you’re on the other side of the pond on November 12, check out the soon-to-be Mad Hatter jam with Babybird at Hoxton Bar and Kitchen.

We’re all aware of the frequent horror that occurs when actors quit their day jobs and try to be musicians. However, Johnny Depp is not half-bad. He played slide guitar for Oasis’ “Fade In-Out,” and he’s Johnny Depp, so our optimism towards this recent musical endeavor is pretty high. If nothing else, just seeing Depp with a guitar will make us weak.

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