Survey: 87% of Women Would Stay With a Guy Who’s Bad in Bed


I never thought I’d say this, but I think Maxim actually deserves a big round of applause. Instead of the typical derogatory sex survey that we’re used to seeing from racy men’s magazines, Maxim decided to give women a chance to voice their opinions. Nearly 8,000 girls around the country were surveyed, and some of the results may really surprise you. For instance, I was a little taken aback to learn that 86.6% of women would rather be with a guy who is lousy in bed but amazing in every other way. Read on and let me know if you agree or disagree with this or any of the other findings below.

Maxim asks women….

What is the best place to meet you?
Work 9.6%
School 16.1%
Bar or club 9.2%
Internet 5.7%
Through mutual friends 53.0%
Church/religious institution 0.9%
World of Warcraft forum 0.5%
Other 5.0%

What is the best way for a guy to break the ice?
Offer you a compliment 9.7%
Make a joke 40.6%
Introduce himself 45.9%
Start singing “You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feeling” 1.0%
Other 2.8%

What’s the biggest potential turnoff when first meeting a man?
Bad hygiene 36.0%
Attention-seeking behavior 19.1%
Extreme shyness 4.3%
Off-color remarks 9.3%
“Pickup artist” tactics such as backhanded compliments 21.0%
Talk of his ex 5.5%
A sixth finger 0.8%
Other 3.9%: “Arrogance.”

What is the biggest turn-on when meeting a man?
Gentlemanly behavior, like opening doors 27.8%
Lots of eye contact 18.9%
He asks a lot of questions about me 11.9%
Playful teasing 37.2%
Physical contact 4.2%

What’s the best indication that you’re into a guy you’ve just met?
I touch his arm or leg during conversation 22.4%
I don’t pull away if he touches me 21.3%
I play with my hair 4.8%
I laugh at everything he says 11.5%
I tease him good-naturedly 38.8%
I grab his penis 1.2%

Should a man always pay on the first date?
Yes 49.4%
No 24.4%
Only if he expects to go on a second date 26.2%

Which celebrity is your “type”?
James Franco 38.8%
Ryan Reynolds 48.6%
Jason Schwartzman 8.6%
Kayne West 1.6%
Marck Sanchez 5.9%
DJ Pauly D 1.4%

When is it OK for a guy to make a move?
Whenever, as long as he’s sure I’m into him 71.3%
Only at the end of the first date 7.6%
Only after two or more dates 17.1%
I prefer to make the first move 4.1%

96% of women will give a guy a second chance in bed if he sucks the first time.

On a first date, 70% would rather have dinner or drinks than do something active like dancing

You would rather be with a guy who is…
Lousy in bed but amazing in every other way 86.6%
Amazing in bed but lousy in every other way 13.4%

Is it possible for you to have no-strings-attached sex?
Sure, I’m as horny and commitment-phobic as a dude 48.6%
No, I always end up wanting more from the guy 51.4%

What would you like more of during sex?
Foreplay 39.6%
Oral sex 17.7%
Eye contact 6.1%
Dirty talk 10.0%
Spanking and rough play 16.6%
Vibrators and toys 3.9%
Elaborate role-play scenarios 0.9%
Other 5.1%: “Kissing. Making out like teenagers is fun.”

During sex you fantasize about…
The man you’re with 73.7%
Another man you know 6.0
A male celeb 3.3
A girl 4.9
An orgy 4.3
A ferret, a balloon, and a jar of peanut butter. Or is that just us? 1.0
Other 6.9%

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