35 Surprising Stars Who Were Sorority Girls in College

35 Surprising Stars Who Were Sorority Girls in College
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Even if you scoff at Greek life, there’s certainly something intriguing about the world of sororities and fraternities. Even more intriguing, though: Hearing about which starlets were members of sororities during their time in college.

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Yes, even massively famous stars spent time hazing pledging, learning secret handshakes, parading around campus in their letters, chairing formals, and—we’re assuming—partying with fraternity boys.

While some are fairly predictable—we’re not fainting of shock that Jennifer Garner, Carrie Underwood, and Sophia Bush all went Greek—others celebrities surprised us, like Wanda Sykes, Sheryl Crow, and Condoleezza Rice.  And, as we were doing our research, we also discovered a few top fashion designers like Betsey Johnson and Tory Burch also pledged back in their university days.

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For a look at 35 celebrities who were sorority girls in college, click through the slideshow above and let us know who you were most surprised about!

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