Super Bowl Battle For Perfect Hair: Polamalu Vs. Matthews


The Super Bowl is on Sunday, but lets face it, most of you StyleCaster readers dont give a flying referee flag about football. So, Im here to tell you about one football fight that just might pique your interest. Its the one-on-one battle between Pittsburgh Steelers safety Troy Polamalu and Green Bay Packers linebacker Clay Matthews. Polamalu and Matthews are both on defense so the battle is obviously not on the field Its under the helmet.

If you haven’t seen Polamalu’s flowing black mane shooting out of his helmet as he destroys opposing running backs, then you may recognize him from his Head & Shoulders’ television spots (theyve insured his hair for one million dollars) Andrea wrote about him here last week. Well, Polamalu just got some serious competition from Matthews.

The burly blonde linebacker from the land of the Cheeseheads just signed a one-year deal with Suave shampoo, which includes media appearances and, potentially, commercials. It takes a guy with guts to take the field against 11 blood-thirsty warriors, sporting beautifully conditioned hair and a spokesman deal with a shampoo company.

To add even more tension to this hairy situation, Polamalu recently just barely edged out Matthews for the NFLs defensive player of the year. Beauty endorsements havent been this intense and violent since Julianne Moore arm wrestled Eva Longoria in the disastrous Revlon vs LOreal Strongwoman competition two years ago.

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