50 Stellar Summer Outfits to Copy This Instant

50 Stellar Summer Outfits to Copy This Instant
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Summer! The season for itty-bitty bikinis, ripped-to-there cut-offs, and feather-light dresses—all paired with colorful accessories and barely-there sandals. Summer is really the season for long weekend outfits and vacation ensembles, so how does one find new and innovative ways to tie outfits together in ways that feel, well, not overly relaxed?

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We’ve pulled together 50 truly genius summer outfits that solve this dilemma in fresh ways—from brilliant layering combinations (yes, you can still layer in the summer!) to surprisingly dressed-up ways to style cut-offs. (Spoiler: there is a lot of ripped denim in this gallery.)

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White on white ensembles? Yep, we got that. Inspiration to go big on accessories? Yep, we got that, too. Frankly, we dare you to get all the way through these outfits without having the urge to pull everything out of your closet and start putting things together in entirely new ways.

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Take a look at this jam-packed gallery and start thinking about which outfits you plan on copying right this instant!

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