Substance and Style: News You Should Know on 8.25.11

Jessica Hoppe

Who doesGadhafi have a major crush on? You guessed it:Condolezza Rice. WhenLibyan rebels took control of Moammar Gadhafi’s sprawling compound they made a surprising discovery in one of the buildings: a photo album with pictures of Condoleezza Rice. Yeah, Condi!


Express reports a loss then comes up with a brilliant idea to release a catalog. Why would I need a 48-page catalog to look at all the clothes I (shamefully) wore in high school? I have scary yearbooks for that.


Do you want to hearDick Cheney‘s side of the story? Didn’t think so. But just in case read below.

[ViaNew York Times]

Newlyweds arrested for shoplifting $1,000 worth of groceries for their wedding reception. Now, I’m no marriage counselor but you probably don’t want to kick off your marriage with twin misdemeanor theft charges? They should have just waited outside theKim/Kris wedding for the scraps.


American Apparel likes a big booty. We already know that. But what is a big booty, akaPlus Size, over at AmAppy? 12/14. Yuppers.


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