The StyleCaster Team’s Strangest Celebrity Encounters

Spencer Cain
The StyleCaster Team’s Strangest Celebrity Encounters
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Working in an industry where you have to interact with celebrities on a regular basis can be quite amusing. You learn a great deal about the people who you’re accustomed to seeing in magazines and onscreen and it can be really surprising.

However, having to be in a professional atmosphere with a famous person does not take away from the excitement when you see someone randomly on the street, at the bar, on a plane or any given situation.

Since StyleCaster is based in New York City, which, let’s face it, is crawling with celebs (A-list, B-list, C-list, all the way down to Z-list), our team members have had their fair share of surreal experiences. For your weekend enjoyment, we’ve asked our team to provide their most memorable situations where a famous person was involved. (Keeping in mind we have MANY more, but prefer not to face the wrath of our PR pals unlike SOME people. FYI: If you weren’t there to see it happen yourself, it’s just office fodder in our books.)

Click through the gallery above for some excellent stories, and please forgive the fact that some of our editors chose to remain anonymous. Trust me, it was necessary!

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Liz Doupnik, Fashion Editor: I spotted Ashley Olsen in Bed, Bath and Beyond. Sasha Pivovarova was there too. Most fashionable tampon run ever.

Meghan Cross, Communications Manager: "I tripped over Paul McCartney and his son on an airplane, accidentally pushing his son into the plane closet." Classic. 

Anonymous: I was doing a routine Saturday shopping spree at the deli next door to my building, buying such delicacies like condoms, tampons and Cheetos, when I felt a strong presence behind me. It was Will Forte from SNL. The worst part is, he lived in my building and recognized me. 

Susie G, Associate Editor: "Jonah Hill and Rob Lowe came to a club in Boston together. Rob Lowe was seen chatting up some ladies most of the time while Jonah Hill was hanging out and having a good time. I had a can of Sour Cream 'N Onion Pringles with me that night, as I was deeming it my night's 'accessory.' I went up to Jonah to see if he wanted some snackage, and he politely declined."

Summer Krecke, Content Director: John Waters was casting for Cry-Baby on Broadway in the same building that I worked in. I happened to have just gotten my bangs cut (too short, mind you) and stepped outside to grab lunch (with a fresh layer of bright red lipstick on my lips). On my way back in, I saw that he was going in the wrong entrance, so I stopped and corrected him. He took one look at me and said, 'Thanks doll, better hurry up or you're going to miss auditions -- you look perfect!"' I suddenly realized between my makeup and hair I was unconsciously working some serious 1950s typecasting...let's just hope he didn't think I was 'auditioning' for Hatchet-Face..."

Amanda Elser, Beauty Editor: "I ran into Rev Run's ENTIRE family on the beach in East Hampton one can't imagine how funny it is to see 15 Simmons family members on a beach."

Anonymous: "I once spent an entire summer stalking/following a certain B-list celeb around the country. It got me lots of free tickets and backstage access at her shows, though, so I must've been doing something right." After much coaxing, I've discovered that this celebrity was Broadway legend Idina Menzel. Hey, I was a theater kid too...I sympathize! 

Nora Rubin, JTM: "I was at a bar by my college, when John Mayer stumbled in. He made nice with all of the college students, and let's just say it was a memorable evening."

Anonymous: Yes, another John Mayer encounter. "After a wedding in Anguilla, a few friends and I went to John Mayer's villa and he played an acoustic set of six songs for us. Unreal."

Spencer Wohlrab, Photographer: "I was working coffee at Milk Studios the day when Terry Richardson was shooting Gossip Girl cast for Rolling Stone. I was in a sh*t mood that day, then Blake Lively sort of flirted with me. It improved my mood, to say the least."

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