StyleCaster is All New!

Laurel Pinson


Notice anything different?’s got a fresh new look, and it’s jam-packed with things we just know you’ll love—from bigger pictures of amazing outfits to more sections to read and explore.

In the past year, our day-to-day stories have evolved to include a lot more than just fashion. So, in addition to our all-new look—along with some whiz-bang new experiences!—you’ll notice that we’ve made room to showcase lots more stories on topics from dating to TV to how to save money (and still look fantastic!).

There’s lots to see on the new, so we’ve outlined what to look out for below. Check back often, and let us know what you think!

New Look, New Homepage: Our homepage has gotten a massive upgrade, allowing us to showcase bigger and better images from our original features, alongside the witty take on the day’s latest news that you’ve come to know and love. Best of all, our new homepage is responsive—so it’ll look just as good on your phone or tablet as it does on your computer screen. (Genius, right?)

New Sections to Explore: The new features an all-new roster of sections devoted to the topics our style-savvy readers love—from street style and fashion advice to love + dating and TV + movies—making it easier than ever to find the stories you want to read and share.

Shop Our Picks! We love to shop, and we also love sharing great finds with our readers. Now, you can shop our picks straight off the homepage, thanks to our nifty e-commerce widget that highlights some of our editors’ top picks.

Let’s Be Friends! In case you haven’t seen our (wildly addicting) Pinterest boards, you can take a peek at the latest pins that are inspiring us—along with pictures from our Instagram!—right on the homepage. Plus, expanded social buttons on our article pages make it easier than ever to share stories with your friends—whether you’re on Facebook, Google+, or Twitter.

Try On! If you haven’t played around with our fantastic Try On technology, you’re missing out. Now, in our Makeover section, you can see how you’d look wearing the latest runway and red carpet beauty looks—from Gwen Stefani’s platinum hair to Jennifer Lawrence’s new pixie cut—all with the click of your mouse. Pretty neat, right?

Check Out Our Sister Sites! There’s lots more to see on’s sister properties: Beauty High, Daily Makeover, and The Vivant. Scroll down to the bottom of our new homepage for a glimpse at the day’s top stories from the rest of the StyleCaster Media Group network!

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