StyleCaster Names The Top 10 Costumes of The Year

Jessica Hoppe
StyleCaster Names The Top 10 Costumes of The Year
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Halloween, an evening of mischief, role-play and extreme sugar highs can often be more stressful than fun. The city is already full of costume pop-up shops and with just over three weeks away, everyone is already thinking about what they want to “be.”

I’ve never been a fan of the easy streetsexy (i.e. skanky) costuming that’s so popular with sorority girls and tipsy twenty-somethings. I’d just rather take the moment to have a bit of fun with it — I mean, this year I plan on painting a giant caterpillar-like unibrow on my forehead and going dressesd asFrida Kahlo.

Click through my picks for best costume suggestions and message me below if you want tips on how to make it work!

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Game of Thrones' Daenery: If you're going to go sexy for Halloween then you might as well do it right. Daenerys of Game of Thrones is sure to sell the costume shops out of white wigs. Don't forget the braid-the braid is key as is a stuffed dragon or two for full-on effect.

Daria: The beloved cartoon character has been discussed for month's now as a Halloween favorite. Just be sure to brush up on your cynicism—the key to this costume is the attitude! 

Pan Am Stewardess:  The breakout star of the fall ABC television line-up is sure to produce some clones. It could be fun to don those white gloves and spill a drink on a cute businessmen in a bar. (Trust me, you can just claim "turbulence.")

The Real Housewives (of Anywhere): There are so many options in this category but since we can't all get massive collagen injections for one night I would opt for the Jersey cast—highest fun factor and easily accomplished with lots of black-on-black or sequined Juicy Couture sweats.

Kreayshawn: Forget designer -- if you're gonna mimic this white girl rapper who tore onto the music and fashion scene just this year, one thing is a must; anything Mini Mouse. The rapper is known for her love of the Disney character and often wears the signature mouse ears during sets.

Sex and the City (the prequel days): In honor of our favorite New York girls returning to television in a prequel spin-off get your own girls together and throw on your best 80's outfits!

Joe Calderone: Dressing as Lady Gaga is played out! But Mother Monster is very wise to offer us another option via alter ego, Jo Calderone. All you have to do is steal your boy's old suit, grab a dirty Hanes, some fake cigs and a flask and you're good to go!

Kim Kardashian: After a raucous year of over-the-top antics Kim will be topping costume option lists! Just grab some stuffing, anything leopard and a crystal (the size of your fist) and you'll be unmistakable!

Suri Cruise: While it might be more fun for you and your friends to go as the entire Brangelina brood, all you need to become mini fashionista Suri is a teddy, some mary janes and that killer pout.

Boardwalk Empire's Lucy Danzige: A flapper costume is always popular—it's like the diet version of the regular slutty version costume. This year look to Paz's character on Boardwalk EmpireLucy Danzige for inspiration. This would be known as the Red Bull version of slutty.

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