StyleCaster Cribs: Central Park South Style

StyleCaster Cribs: Central Park South Style
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We may be real estate agents, but our jobs don’t stop there. We are self-proclaimed fashionistas, decorators, lifestyle analysts, restaurant advisors,trip planners, and the list goes on. If we were limited to selling and rentingapartments, perhaps our days would end earlier. However, Chris and I are bothup with the first chime of the blackberry, New Yorks answer to the roostercrowing.

On an average day we have at least three stories that most people couldnot dream up or fabricate. Yes, I promise, one time someones cat stole mykeys and hid them.

With the photos as proof, this is a typical day in our whirlwind lives. This is, after all, the beauty of New York. Tierney Model and Chris Leavitt

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