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Style Standoff: Denim Shirts

Style Standoff: Denim Shirts

March 3rd, 2011
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  • Photo: StyleCaster Media Group
  • <strong><em>Blake Martin, Video Production Manager</em></strong>
    Blake Martin, Video Production Manager
    Photo: StyleCaster Media Group
  • <strong><em>Dee Grossmann, Fashion Assistant</em></strong>
    Dee Grossmann, Fashion Assistant
    Photo: StyleCaster Media Group
  • <strong><em>Janice Chou, Style & Market Editor</em></strong>
    Janice Chou, Style & Market Editor
    Photo: StyleCaster Media Group
  • <strong><em>Joseph D'Arco, Photographer</em></strong>
    Joseph D'Arco, Photographer
    Photo: StyleCaster Media Group

I personally feel that when you bump into someone wearing the same shirt or jacket, there’s only one solution: a battle to the death Just like in Highlander…or Mean Girls. Alas, when four of our team members arrived to work in a denim shirt, what choice did we have but to catalog the coincidence and host a style standoff.

So you tell us: who do you think wore it best? Scroll through the images to decide and leave your comments below!

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