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Style Diaries: Iceland Edition
  • I braved the awkward solo photo moment, not wanting to miss this insane backdrop and photo opp.

  • The perfect ending to a busy couple of days, the Blue Lagoon was just as breathtaking as it was relaxing.

  • The first of the designers to show, Mundi set the bar high with a collection of Icelandic hooligans stomping down the runway.

  • This show was all a-go-go with a live performance, glitter and even roller skates making an appearance.

  • This trailed alongside the highway. No big deal.

  • The designers were all color and pattern in a completely assertive and unapologetic manner.

  • And a good point displayed on the wall of the restaurant.

  • One of the few collections to have menswear, the Gangs of New York were an obvious reference. The best part? The tailoring and the use of real men for their models.

  • You can find common ground of an adoration for John Lennon.

  • This was one of the most dramatic runway shows with a powerful musical performance and neo-apocalyptic influence of the completely wearable collection.


Style Diaries: Iceland Edition