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Runway Models: The Top 12 Stumbles and Falls

Runway Models: The Top 12 Stumbles and Falls

Sometimes models trip, and then there are times when models FALL. Hard. Like…on their face. Whether the shoes be too tall, a poor fit, or the girl just doesn’t know how to strut in heels, modeling is more dangerous than most give credit for. In commemoration of our lovely ladies taking one for the team on the front lines of fashion, we have compiled some of the best (or worst; I guess) runway spills.

Some models who have taken an infamous tumble:

-Monika Jagaciak

-Naomi Campbell

-Jessica Stam

-Adina Forzis

-Lara Stone

-Carmen Electra

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  • audlynne

    I’m sorry this happens to them, but if the designers got their heads out of ‘the dark place’, it wouldn’t. The ‘Super model strut’ is a ridiculous way to walk and the shoes are outrageous. Who really wears that stuff anyway?
    On the other hand–I’m sure they have good health insurance!!

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