Stuff We Love: The E-Card That Equals Candy

Leah Bourne

Sugarwish_open_box_angleSometimes you want to send someone a treat in the mail—as a thank you, a get well soon, or even just to say “I miss you.” Thanks to Sugarwish it is easier than ever to act on that sentiment.
Here’s how it works. Head to Sugarwish. Select an e-card with options including trick-or-treat, congratulations, or I love you. The recipient can then pick the sweets of their choice—choices include everything from blackberry gumdrops to mini reese’s pieces. The candy is then delivered right to their door (and seriously, who doesn’t love receiving candy in the mail).
The company was started by two busy moms based in Denver, Colorado, looking for a solution to get through their endless to-do lists.
The petite Sugarwish includes 4 1/4 lb of candy and costs $25 (all taxes, shipping, and handling included). The next size up includes 8 bags of candy, and the biggest size, the “Ultimate Sugarwish” costs $65.
Prices like that speak to exactly why we love this concept—sometimes you are just looking to send a gift that is more than a card but not quite jewelry. Sugarwish is the ultimate fun solution to that problem!
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