Stuff We Love: The Ultimate Whiskey Cocktails in a Bottle

Leah Bourne

OD-BA602_BOTTLE_P_20140115160512We all love a good cocktail, but sometimes you just aren’t in the position to make a cocktail at the drop of a hat. Sure, cocktails have been bottled before, but they haven’t ever really been comparable to what your favorite bartender whips up for you. Until now. Fluid Dynamics has released cocktails aged in barrels, and they are pretty spectacular, maybe even more spectacular than the drinks that your favorite bartender makes for you (ingredients have a chance to merge and become a richer whole because of the aging process). With options including The Saratoga, The St. Nick, the Brandy Manhattan, and the 1850 Cocktail there are plenty of options to keep the biggest cocktail snobs satisfied too.
Fluid Dynamics bottled cocktails, $20,
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