Stuff We Love: Behold, a Wine Rack For Your Bike

Leah Bourne

ErinBerzelPhotography-6527_1024x1024.jpg?v=1380321594Urban bicycling is one of the best trends of recent years. The only thing that could maybe make it more enjoyable is if our other favorite pastime, drinking wine, was involved.
Well, the fine folks over at Walnut Sudiolo must have had the same thought, because they have created Bottle Belts. These “belts” designed for bikes can¬†secure just about anything cylindrical shaped to your bike’s top tube, be it a wine bottle, a bundle of kindling, a rolled up beach towel, and much more.
Now we aren’t recommending biking and drinking, but having the perfect Syrah to sip on when you get to your destination having biked there sounds pretty magical to us.
Walnut Sudiolo Bottle Belts, $36, 
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