Stuff We Love: Sliders and Samuel Adams With Todd English

Leah Bourne

10_05_06_TEnglish_Plaza_Sliders_018IP - copyright Tom McWilliams1Chef and restauranter Todd English has been a longtime fan of pairing food with craft beer. He opened a pub in Las Vegas and at his Olives restaurants there are regular beer tastings. His latest ode to beer is a tasting menu available at The Todd English Food Hall at The Plaza hotel in New York City—Sliders & Samuel Adams.
The menu consists of a chicken parmesan slider, a prime rib slider, and a spicy BBQ pulled pork banh mi paired with Samuel Adams Whitewater IPA, Oktoberfest, and Double Agent. Basically it is the most perfect combination of guilty pleasure foods. Really though, can you imagine a better way to spend an afternoon than by feasting on sliders and beer?
 The tasting is $30 per person. Head to for more information. 

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