Stuff We Love: The Gadget That Lets You Enjoy a Bottle of Wine Without Ever Pulling the Cork

Leah Bourne

Coravin_Image_for_Business_Wire_highresNothing can get in between us and our wine, except, of course, our wine opener. A new device, the Coravin, is revolutionizing the way that wine is consumed. With the Coravin, you can drink a glass of wine without ever having to open the bottle.
Here’s how it works. The Coravin, which looks a bit like a microscope, inserts a long, thin, hollow needle through the foil and cork into the bottle. Then, argon (an odorless, tasteless, harmless inert gas) is pumped through the needle, creating pressure within the bottle that pushes wine back out through the needle. When you are finishing pouring the desired amount, the needle is withdrawn, leaving the argon in place of the wine, preventing oxidation from happening. The cork then reseals itself, much like skin (which also means you can’t use this device with a bottle with a screw cap or a fake cork).
Restaurants are quickly jumping on the Coravin train to offer more wines by the glass, and many are suggesting this is a great device to use at home if you want to drink a pricey bottle of wine over a long period of time. We just think it is really really cool.
Coravin 1000 System, $299,

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