Stuff We Love: The Fish Bowl and Indoor Garden Rolled Into One

Leah Bourne

Feeling nostalgic for childhood when you used to have a pet fish? Behold the AquaFarm, an indoor garden and fish bowl rolled into one.
Here’s how it works: The AquaFarm uses a system known as aquaponics, which basically means you’ll have to do very minimal work to keep your plants and fish healthy. The plants work to filter the water by breaking down the ammonia from fish waste into nitrates. Those nitrates, in turn, feed the plants.
The kit comes with five small pots, along with wheatgrass and basil seeds. You’ll need to pick up your own fish, which provides the nutrients, so no soil is necessary. A plug-in air pump that is also included draws water—and nourishing fish waste—up to the roots.
The AquaFarm is $59.99 and available at

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