Stuff We Love: This Desk Transforms Into a Dining Room Table

Leah Bourne

Multifunctional-desk-Agata-Nowak-Poland-Remodelista-02You often are forced to sacrifice style in a big way when you choose a multifunctional piece of furniture over something else—or at least that is what we always thought. That changed in a big way when we laid eyes on Agata Nowak’s multifunctional desk, which unfolds from a desk into a dining room table for six.


Nowak, a furniture and product designer based in Poznan, Poland, created the piece in response to the needs of her family.
Here’s what we love about it: It is clearly so much more than a simple space saver. The fact that it is painted robin’s egg blue means that it is also a statement piece. And why shouldn’t it be? Just because you are living in a small space doesn’t mean you can’t have fun with your decor.

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