Stuff We Love: Airplant Frames Give New Meaning To Indoor Gardening

Leah Bourne

Finally a solution for apartment dwellers who love plants, but don’t want to give up valuable space. The Air plant, a distant cousin of the pineapple, which boasts over 600 varieties and can survive in 50-90 degrees fahrenheit (in other words they’ll survive indoors) is the perfect alternative to that giant fern that has been taking up space in your living room for years.
Landscape architect Josh Rosen has┬ádesigned the AirplantFrame, an aluminum and steel cable structure, to “showcase what makes air plants special: their ability to live suspended in air.” Part art, part nature, we are pretty obsessed.
AirplantFrames range from $90 to $130 and include starter air plants with purchase. They are available online from the Airplantman webshop.

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