Study: Do Girls Like Boys Who Look Like Girls?


It’s a strongly-held belief that the macho, masculine-looking guys are the ones wholand the girls… but I always knew better. According to a soon to be published study in the journal Psychological Science, most women prefer men with more feminine shaped faces and darker skin. See, I knew my obsession with guys who look like Justin Bieber would make sense one day.

As far as what men view as attractive in women, the researchers found that men also want womens faces to be feminine, but with plump lips and wide eyes. Looks like the rest of the population is sh*t outta’ luck. In order to test attractiveness, psychologists at New York University and Princeton created a computer model that tested 50 “dimensions” of facial features, including nose size, lip size and complexion.

Another interesting result of the study is that “average” people may actually have it the best. Both men and women find average faces attractive, but the most average face isn’t necessarily the most attractive. Okay, does this all sound a bit ridiculous to anyone else? While any study has its limitations, this particular one has a few immediate ones that come to mind.

First of all, can you really conclude what an entire sex finds attractive by testing 40 young college students? Furthermore, I’m a firm believer that attraction is very subjective and not something that can be generalized or defined in such narrow terms. Think about it even in my short twenty four years of existence, the type of guys I’ve been attracted to have varied so much that it’s impossible to for me to even find one characteristic that they all had in common. Which brings me to my final question, do any of us really have a type or does the heart just want what the heart wants?

Andrej Pejic Photo: Marcin Tyszka, Viva! Moda

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