Study Confirms Everyone is Doomed to Get Divorced

Well, maybe not everyone, but at least any girl who “accidentally” lost her virginity as a teenager. A University of Iowa study found that girls who had sex for the first time when they were teens are more likely to get divorced later in life. Of the 3,793 women surveyed, 31% of those who had sex in their teens were divorced within five years, and 47% within 10 years.

The disturbing part about the findings is that it wasn’t the girls who made the conscious, informed decision to have sex at 16 that were most likely to get divorced, it was the girls who reported that their first sexual intercourse occurred before age 18 and was “not completely wanted.” The fact is that teenage boys are huge horn dogs they’re experts when it comes to pressuring young, vulnerable girls, so the number of teen girls that fall into this “coerced” category is probably, sadly, very high.

I think it boils down to a confidence issue. If we could teach young ladies that they don’t have to have sex in order to be accepted by their boyfriends who, if we’re being honest, will probably peak in high school then maybe one day we’ll live in a world where the divorce rate isn’t on the constant rise.

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spacer Study Confirms Everyone is Doomed to Get Divorced

  • Nancy

    That’s funny (but sad at the same time) that you have photo of Britney Spears for this story.

    Interesting study. I’m a strong advocate for girls waiting as long as possible to do the deed. But these days it seems getting through high school without losing your virginity is rare. It’s a bit sad. I hope it changes soon though.

  • overit

    “young vulnerable girls” what a load of tripe. Stop blaming the guys and making them the scapegoats for an issue that ultimately comes down to an individual choice to consent or not. Females at that age have a plathora of information available in the form of magazines, role models and educational material to learn from, far more than boys of the same age. Therefore they should be far better educated in making their choices. If the choice is no, its no. The reality is that many of these choices are spur of the moment and the lack of forethought is the most likely culprit for poor choices being made leaving room for regret at a later point. It’s much easier to say “I didnt really want to, I just felt pressure” than “I thought it might be good, now I realise it was a bad idea”
    It takes two to tango and at that age the female has all the power they need to choose who and how they interact with.

  • Hulio

    Me thinks the biggest factor to divorce rates is marriage rates! Archaic religious views force early marriage which in turn results in unhappiness and divorce. This story is a desperate attempt to make a link and push the religious agenda.

  • Matt

    Thank you overit, I could not have said it better myself!

  • b

    I agree with Hulio, that this is an attempt to push a religious agenda. I wonder who funded this “study”.

  • havar

    We need to collectively let go of the archaic ideas of marriage. So what if people get divorced? It really doesn’t matter.

  • Felic

    What sexist research – did anyone think to survey men with the same question. Patriachal research to keep blaming women

  • Rodger

    ‘If we could teach young ladies that they don’t have to have ### in order to be accepted by their boyfriend’

    That would be teaching them falsehoods. Anyway, girls like ### as much as boys do. They’re just taught to repress their sexual drive in western society, which is unhealthy.

  • Rodger

    why is s e x blanked out? it’s not a swear word.

  • concerned scientist

    Please learn to correctly and objectively interpret social and scientific research before making absurd hyperbolic headlines such as ‘study confirms everyone is doomed to get divorced’. The research in question does not say anything of the sort. This kind of reporting trivializes the hard work of so many researchers.

  • Jane

    I suppose I fall into that ‘Accidently’ category. Did not marry until age 30, played the field etc. When we married we already knew it was for live, we are lovers, best friends and don’t want to spend our time with anyone other than each other. Not bad after 50 years, hey! Not all surveys fit everyone.

  • rob

    stupid article, not news, waste of time. Thanks for keeping it short though.

  • Reality Check

    Get rid of marriage and divorce will cease. Marriage has long passed its use-by date.

  • Dick head

    what can i say ?
    your a waste of space

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  • matt

    Divorce rate does not define the value of a society. Marriage is a worthless ceremony and people are finally waking up to the whole charade is just IN YOUR BLOODY HEAD. THAT is why divorce is on the rise. BECAUSE MARRIAGE IS AN ILLUSION AND PEOPLE ARE GETTING SMARTER. DUH. Girls who had ### at an early age are more courageous and therefore more likely to have the self confidence to ditch culture’s peer pressure to conform to this outdated nonsense.

  • lo wong

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