The Must-Have: The Studded Collar

Clare Todhunter

studded collar The Must Have: The Studded Collar

It’s fun, stylish and corporate, all at the same time; Depending on how you style it, today’s of-the-instant blouse from Zara is suitable for any occasion. Pair this versatile shirt with a business suit, high-waisted shorts or even a miniskirt. You can button up or button down to achieve alternating looks, or even throw a chic knit over the top to draw more attention to the dazzling adornments.

The best part is, this shirt works as clothing and accessory, so there’s no need to worry about layering on additional bling if you’re in a hurry. (That said, don’t let it stop you from piling on the bracelets if that’s how you roll.)

There’s so much fun to be had with this shirt, and all for less than $100! Snap one up now; you won’t regret it.

Blouse with studded collar, $89, at Zara

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