Comfortably Cool: Tel Aviv Street Style

Susie G
Comfortably Cool: Tel Aviv Street Style
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Tel Aviv, Israel’s fashion capital, is a beautifully diverse city that’s lucky enough to be right on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea. With the city-meets-beach lifestyle for these locals, clothing styles tend to be one part beach bum and one part city chic.

Whether it’s working out the latest fad fashions or throwing it back with some vintage duds, people in this 24-hour metropolis sure know how to make their looks totally unique. To see what these city-by-the-sea dwellers are rocking on the sandy streets of Tel Aviv, be sure to browse through the photos in the slideshow above!

Susie G is the blogger behind street style blog CLICK/CLASH. To contact her, please send her an email at djsusieg [at] gmail [dot] com. Don’t forget to follow Susie G on Twitter: @CLICKCLASH.

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