Why You Should Stir (Not Shake) Your Martini

Leah Bourne

Grey Goose Loft at the Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse at London HeathrowLast week we stopped by Grey Goose Vodka’s New York City pop-up to learn how one of the most famous vodka brands in the world transforms wheat into liquor. While there we picked up one seriously interesting tip from the mixologists on hand—it is better to stir your martini rather than shake it. Yes, all of those times we have shaken a martini before pouring it into a glass—apparently that was wrong. Here, the rules to follow.
When To Stir:
Stir cocktails that use distilled spirits (vodka is one) or very light mixers only. Stirring is a more gentle technique for mixing cocktails, and is considered the better way to combine drinks. Cocktails that you should stir rather than shake include the Manhattan, The Martini, and the the Rob Roy.
When to Shake:
You want to shake a cocktail when it includes fruit juices, cream liqueurs, simple syrup, sour mix, egg, dairy or any other thick or flavorful mixers (in other words, more complicated cocktails). Drinks to shake include the Cosmopolitan, the Mai Tai, and the New Orleans Fizz.
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