Still Images from Stand By, A Fashion Film


StyleCaster teamed up with model Crystal Renn for a 3 part cover series entitled, “Crystal Renn: Identity” a week-long editorial project, in collaboration with film and video photographers Dusan Reljin, Cameron Krone and Jason Last.

Crystal Renn was the natural choice for the multi-media project because of her strong sense of self, inherent beauty and willingness to collaborate with each team. Crystal researched a range of references to perfect each of the characters across varying platforms.

Stand By, directed by Jason Last, is all about a woman who can give you these moments of charm and perfection, but who privately (and easily) can become unhinged. In the slides above, photographer, Fabien Montique captures pivotal moments from Jason Last’s film.

The inspiration mostly stemmed from Aaron Neville’s song from the 60s: Wrong Number,” combined with a scene from Sex and the City‘s finale episode, and Angelina Jolie’s character in Girl, Interrupted all seen through the lens of Courtney Love. Courtney Love once told me she was asked to play Angelina’s role and while I lived for Angelina then, I would’ve loved to see what Courtney would’ve done with the part.

The scene from the Sex and the City finale we gravitated towards was where Carrie is done to such perfection in a show-stopping look, but is ultimately left waiting for her date. We explored this scene, and took glimpses into the 1960s through the arrestingly beautiful but completely manic eyes of Lisa Rowe from Girl, Interrupted.

James Worthington DeMolet

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