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Stepping Out In Style: Tips From Our Favorite Bloggers And A Chance To Win A LOFT Shopping Spree

  • We’re always looking to stylish bloggers when it comes to perfecting the latest trends, so we recruited three of our favorites to show off how they Step Out In Style in different cities across the country. Click through our slideshow for some nighttime outfit inspiration and make sure to tell us about your favorite ways to Step Out in Style in the comments below for a chance to win a LOFT shopping spree in NYC!

  • Annie Vazquez is a fashion and style blogger based in Miami. Annie is an expert when it comes to shopping on a budget, unearthing new designers and labels in her hometown as well as spotting style trends around the world. She has been featured in Elle, NYLON, The New York Times, and a ton more. Be sure to check out her blog, TheFashionPoet, and follow her at @anniecvazquez

  • "Tonight it’s all about Stepping Out in Style with my latest finds from LOFT. I’m going dancing with my girlfriends for a much needed girl’s night out in Miami and I just love my outfit. I’m so excited to don it because it has a little bit of Sex and the City flair combined with my own personal style."

    Photo: /Mayleen Gonzalez
  • Sequin Detail Striped Cotton Tee; $49.50; at

    "I’m completely enamored with this striped sequin top. When I saw it, I had to have it because not only is it so cute, but it goes with everything. You can wear it with cut-offs, skinny jeans, leggings or with a fun skirt like I am. Plus, it’s a classic staple that won’t go out of style and the sequin make it festive for the holidays and to wear at night." 

    Photo: /Mayleen Gonzalez
  • Oversized Feather Pin; $34.50; at

    "Lately, I’ve been into brooches and pins. It's all about standing out when dressing and this oversized feather pin is both statement making and unique. You can wear it on your clothes, bobby pin it to your hair or even pin it onto a hat like I did." 

    Photo: /Mayleen Gonzalez
  • Short Crystal Cluster Necklace; $39.50; at

    "To play off the sequin on the shirt, I decided to add this gorgeous necklace to give it some more oomph factor. At night, you want to wear something that sparkles especially during the holiday season and the rhinestone accents add that perfect touch." 

    Photo: /Mayleen Gonzalez
  • Petite Layered Tulle Party Skirt; $79.50; at, Paillette Skinny Belt; $34.50; at

    "I chose this flirty and fun skirt to wear as my bottom. To make it even more form flattering, I decided to add a skinny belt to accentuate my waist. I love this one because it has sequin that play off my shirt." 

    Photo: /Mayleen Gonzalez
  • Embossed Crocodile Print Zip Coin Purse; $12.99; Shop In Stores or Similar at

    "I decided to tote my vintage leopard purse, but I needed a cute wallet to store and organize all my essentials like my lD, credit card, and money. This adorable embossed crocodile print zip coin purse was perfect. I love that it has a bold pop of color and the tortoise shell zipper adds a nice touch." 

    Photo: /Mayleen Gonzalez
  • Dear Deer ring; $18.00; at, Pink Gem Ring; $14.50; Shop In Stores or Similar at

    "When it comes to baubles, I love mixing and matching bold rings that have a personality of their own. Both the skull and deer rings are from local designers in Miami. The gold multi-stone ring, I actually snagged at LOFT and it meshes perfectly with the others." 

    Photo: /Mayleen Gonzalez
  • "I love my entire outfit from head-to-toe. I selected it because I wanted to wear something that evoked effortless style, glamour, and of course, comfort."

    Photo: /Mayleen Gonzalez
  • "My girlfriends and I headed out to one of Miami’s most popular lounges, The Vagabond."

    Photo: /Mayleen Gonzalez
  • "One of my favorite things about the holidays is being able to spend more time with friends and family. My girlfriends and I had so much fun catching up. It’s really a night I’ll never forget."

    Photo: /Mayleen Gonzalez
  • Sade Strehlke is a Los Angeles transplant from New York City, and a University of Southern California graduate. Her love for fashion, travel and social media continues to inspire her everyday. Be sure to check out her blog, The Icon Concierge, and follow her at @Icon_Concierge

  • "For a night out I like to lay all my clothes out. It allows me to see clearly what I might wear, plus it's fun to play dress-up!"

    Photo: Eric I. Gonzalez/Eric I. Gonzalez
  • Layered Tulle Party Skirt; $79.50; at

    "Loving this layered tulle party skirt by LOFT! It's the perfect statement piece for holiday and super flattering on all body types. Wear with patent leather pumps in black, or if you're daring a bold color like pink or yellow." 

    Photo: Eric I. Gonzalez/Eric I. Gonzalez
  • Sequin Front Cotton Cami; $39.50; at

    "This sequined tank in dark grey will add subtle sparkle to any outfit, is super comfy and easy to wear. While I'm wearing this piece out don't be afraid to wear this to the office with a muted blazer or under a button-down or chunky sweater for layering." 

    Photo: Eric I. Gonzalez/Eric I. Gonzalez
  • "Want to add something unique to your outfit? How about a vintage necklace? I love this gold-leaf piece with turquoise accents. It's bold, yet not overdone."

    Photo: Eric I. Gonzalez/Eric I. Gonzalez
  • "Want to pull your look together in an instant? A great clutch will do that. I love this simple gray-buckle one, plus it matches my LOFT gray cami perfectly."

    Photo: Eric I. Gonzalez/Eric I. Gonzalez
  • Jeweled Feather Stretch Belt; $20; at

    "Feeling extra flirty? Add this great feather belt to the mix for a pop of color and fun."

  • "Another great vintage find! A sequin shawl will add further glam to any Holiday outfit!"

    Photo: Eric I. Gonzalez/Eric I. Gonzalez
  • "Now it's time for make-up! For a night out I always go for a bold lip. If done right, you can keep the rest of your make-up relatively simple."

    Photo: Eric I. Gonzalez/Eric I. Gonzalez
  • "The final look! Sparkly, polished and with a subtle pop of color from the necklace. For holiday I love stepping outside of what I would normally wear and experimenting with textures and shapes. I love the ruffle LOFT skirt, the sequined tank and a sequined shawl. For me the whole look just comes together."

    Photo: Eric I. Gonzalez/Eric I. Gonzalez
  • "Now for the drinks! Happy holidays everyone!"

    Photo: Eric I. Gonzalez/Eric I. Gonzalez
  • Born and raised in San Francisco, California, Donna Kim is known as the go-to multimedia lifestyle journalist and on-air trend expert for all things feminine and glamorous. Her work has been featured on top media outlets including NBC’s “New
    York Live/LXTV," NBC’s “The Today Show,” QVC, ABC’s Live Well Network,
    The Curbed Network, and Huffington Post Style. Be sure to check out her blog, DonnaDaily, and follow her at @DonnaDaily

  • "I’m so excited to show off my new look to my friends for a laid back evening. I decided to wear my hair wavy per usual and add a hot pink lip to be extra girly. This is such a quintessential girls night out look and I know that they’re going to love it."

    Photo: Pandolfe
  • Sequin Detail Striped Cotton Tee; $49.50; at

    "This striped tee with sequins is the highlight of this entire outfit. The combination is adorable and is ideal for layering, tucking, or worn casually with just jeans, too. It’s also perfect for the holiday!" 

    Photo: Pandolfe
  • Firework Earrings; $24.50; at

    "Since the tee is ultra glamorous, I wanted to keep jewelry simple. These sparkly metallic statement earrings add just the right amount of shine in a subtle way." 

    Photo: Pandolfe
  • Femme Tuxedo Jacket in Doubleweave Crepe; $98; at

    "I couldn’t wait to put on the jacket because it fits like a glove and the color just makes me happy. I’m never without a blazer because they can instantly turn a simple outfit into a more structured and polished silhouette." 

    Photo: Pandolfe
  • Layered Tulle Party Skirt; $79.50; at

    "To complete my girly look, I zipped up the tulle skirt and made sure that it was tucked in properly. What I love most about it is how there is a built in ribbon waistband that cinches the waist so it’s more figure flattering." 

    Photo: Pandolfe
  • Basic Tights; $12.50; at, Petra Sparkle Tweed Pumps; $79.50; at

    "I can’t live without opaque black tights. I wear them pretty much everyday and I love how chic it looks paired with the tweed pumps. And these pointy toe tweed pumps should be an essential in every woman’s closet. They can be worn in so many ways and also various occasions. The heel is also at a modest height so they’re very comfortable to walk around town in." 

    Photo: Pandolfe
  • "I feel confident and feminine with my final look. I do try to go out of my comfort zone every once in a while so I can try new things, but I always keep my budget in mind and make sure I'll be able to wear an item multiple times."

    Photo: Pandolfe
  • "I picked up cupcakes from Molly’s Cupcakes in NYC (my absolute favorite) to get our girl talk session going. Sarah, Katie, and I can talk for hours about the silliest things and we always have a juicy story to tell. After we enjoyed our sugary treats, we decided to hail a cab to see where the night takes us. When you’re in good company and in good clothes- you can have fun anywhere."

    Photo: Pandolfe

Stepping Out In Style: Tips From Our Favorite Bloggers And A Chance To Win A LOFT Shopping Spree

Stepping Out In Style: Tips From Our Favorite Bloggers And A Chance To Win A LOFT Shopping Spree

Stepping Out In Style: Tips From Our Favorite Bloggers And A Chance To Win A LOFT Shopping Spree
32 Start slideshow

As temperatures drop and holiday party invitations abound, we tend to slip into a slightly dressier, more polished frame of mind when putting together our evening looks. The collections in our favorite shops are flecked with shimmer and shine, and an extra dose of glamour suits our wintry mood.

To celebrate the art of dressing up for the holidays, StyleCaster has teamed up with some of our favorite bloggers to create our first ever Stepping Out in Style series. Offering a sneak peak into the minds and dressing rooms of Donna Kim from, Sade Strehlke from, and Annie Vazquez from, we watch as they deftly piece together their perfect nighttime look with favorites from the irresistible collections at LOFT.

Favoring hits of glimmer, pops of bold, and cheerful color, our diverse crew of experts put together uniquely personalized, on–the-go outfits for everything from a night out with girlfriends, a hot date, or a classic cocktail party. Not overlooking a single detail, we also get key recommendations on the perfect accessories and beauty touches to complement the looks. Check out our slideshow to see how these lovely ladies build their looks step by step.

Think you have the perfect evening outfit all mapped out? We’re always craving new ideas—we want to hear from you!

How to enter for a chance to win a LOFT shopping spree:

Just leave a comment below and tell us about your favorite ways to Step Out in Style in and you’ll be considered to win an exclusive LOFT shopping spree in NYC with fashion blogger Donna Kim! 

That fabulous New Years Eve outfit awaits you…

*Must be 18 years or older, located in New York City, and available on Saturday, December 15, to be eligible to win. Winner will be contacted on Wednesday, December 12.

For more information on our relationship with LOFT:

  • Hillary Christine Biggs

    When I “step out in style,” I tend to pick one statement piece – a mixed metallic necklace, a bold belt, sick shoes, or a glam jacket. Swipe on a red lip, and I am good to go!

  • Caitlin Fuerst

    I love stepping out in style by putting on great jeans and killer heels… And also bright red lipstick with big sunglasses!

  • Kay

    Besides stepping out in style with a sincere smile and my head held up high, this holiday season I am trying to incorporate red into my fashion closet. I love how the striped sequin top compliments Annie’s red boots. Not only do the red boots signify power but the sequins of the Striped Cotton Tee give the outfit just the dazzling effect we all need throughout the holiday season! I would love to meet Donna Kim and get her to help me pick out a LOFT NYE outfit!

    Love this post :)

  • Tajuana Shyanne

    For holiday party events, having a wardrobe piece that is sparkly is a must have for me! Whether its a sequined top or that metallic tulle skirt I’ve been eyeing at my fave store. I also MUST have a statement necklace.

  • Closet Fashionista

    When I go out I like to focus on my shoes! They are the best part of any outfit, so I grab some killer shoes and a gorgeous dress (or nice jeans and a fun top) and head out for a night on the town! :) I’m a bit more tame with my activities and prefer a nice dinner to going out clubbing.

  • Danielle Emig

    I’m more into neutral colors but love to add a pop of color to my outfit with either one piece of clothing, shoes, or accessories. A black mini skirt is a must because it can go with everything, whether you decide to wear a sequined top tucked in or a chic blouse half-tucked in. I would then add bright red or blue heels to that outfit then spiky jewelry for a little edge. Most of my going-out outfits I’d have to say are a perfect mix of girly and edgy.

  • Sara P.

    For me, it is all about the jewelry when I want to step out in style!

  • Lindsay Barcham

    I think it’s all about the accessories, you can wear the same dress with 2 different necklaces and get a completely different look. I am a big fan of colorful costume jewelry!

  • jeccica simpson

    I am a huge accessory chic. I love adding chunky necklaces or bracelet and make a statement with a great bag or purse and spruce my outfit up with a little bling!!! I think it makes or breaks it, adding a little touch of your style to each and every outfit. I love to choose what goes with what !!!

  • irene

    Love to scope out all the latest trends online. Its hard to find petite clothes, so I love that LOFT caters to shorties like me. My biggest thing is comfort. So fashionable comfort is my priority when stepping out in style. Love to look good and feel good. I love feminine details that draw attention to my attire, but nothing over the top. Would love to win a shopping spree in NYC!

  • Jessica Wilson (@JessicaEWilson)

    My favorite way to Step Out in Style is a sleek all black look, accented by bold and simmering colors! A structured black top, skinny jeans, and knee high black boots. I accent that by a bold lip, metallic clutch, and a big chunky necklace (love the ones loft have right now!). It makes me feel confidant, sexy, and ready to meet anyone, anytime for a holiday beverage!

  • Sarah Slowiak

    When I go out i love to focus on my accessories! I love a statement necklace, cocktail rings, a shinny scarf, and of course killer boots! My closest it full,of basics, basic shirts, button ups, jeans etc, but my accessory amour is full of fun different accessories, everything from scarfs, to earrings, and handbags! I think the accessories make the outfit! You can really use accessories to dress an outfit up or down, depending on your nights activities 😄#loveloft!

  • Jaclyn Schler

    I love to Step Out in Style in a flirty skirt, bold lip and plenty of baubles! It’s fun to play dress up for a night out with the girls where we all put on our favorite skirts, dresses and dancing shoes! (And steal from each other’s closets!)

  • Laurie L.

    I like stuff that sparkles, especially if it’s for a holiday thing. But I also have to be comfortable!!

  • Trina

    I love anything with lots of sequins!

  • closetfashionfix

    I can’t get over glitter for this holiday season! When I’m “stepping out in style”, sometimes with a toddler in tow, I like to work in some glitz…even if it’s her that’s wearing the glitter headband! But for myself, I’m coveting a pair of sparkly heels to light up any holiday look. Jewelry and accessories are a quick and easy way to add some sheen to whatever I’m wearing!

  • Thorunn

    When I step out in style I love wearing a big bold statement necklace! :)

  • Liz

    Love this feature! images are stunning and the clothes are super fun & flirty :)

  • nubry (@nubry)

    I step out in style by always having 1 statement piece. A statement bag or a colorful shoe

  • Melissa Fudor

    I usually pick big chunky jewelry to easily add pop to my style – something with color and sparkle.

  • tenita shoats

    being me

  • Diane P

    Nothing says holiday like a sparkly top. I pair mine with a fitted jacket, skinny pants, and trendy heels for a put-together look. Add a bright smile and I’m ready for the night. I can always count on an outfit from the Loft to make me look good…and feel good too!

  • Isabel A.

    when i step out in style, it’s all about the shoes and jewelry for me!

  • Lauren Liz

    With my new POST BABY BODY, I love stepping out in something bold and banging!! Before my style was simple and now I’m not scared and willing to try it all on! You can’t judge a book by its cover, so I’m not going to judge a garment until after I try it on! For the holidays my go to look is so colored skinnys, some crazy herks, a v-neck tee and my zip up cardi from ATLoft! :)

    • Lauren Liz

      Heels*** (not herks)

  • Mindy Bogue

    I don’t wear a skirt or skinny jeans this time of year without my boots!

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