15 Perfect Tweets About Steph Curry’s New Basic-as-Hell Under Armour Sneakers



Poor Stephen Curry. A couple of days after the Golden State Warriors point guard admitted to the New York Times that he basically loses sleep over planning the outfits he wears to the games, his ultra-basic white trainers for Under Armour were released and immediately put on blast by pretty much everyone on Twitter.

“You stress over outfits for days,” Curry told the Times of his game-day ensembles, “and you wind up wearing it for 30 seconds when you walk from the parking lot to the locker room.” The MVP added, “I’ve got to make sure everything looks good coming out of the car. You don’t want to have a missed button or a wrinkled shirt.” Well, what about … an incredibly white-bread pair of white trainers? You don’t want those either, right? The $110 Curry 2 low-tops have been renamed by countless Twitter jokesters, proving that everyone actually is a comedian—these tweets are amazing.

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