Step Inside Tamara Mellon’s Mind-Blowing Closet

Leah Bourne

vogue behind the scenes inside tamara mellon s closet Step Inside Tamara Mellons Mind Blowing ClosetIt is no surprise that Tamara Mellon, a founder and former CEO of Jimmy Choo, has a seriously mind-blowing closet. Her shoe collection would bring even the most non-fashion focused women to their knees. got a peek inside, along with some fun tidbits about Mellon’s go-to fashion choices. She exclaims in the video: “I have 31 black jumpsuits….and I haven’t counted the colors yet.” Another fun fact about the closet—Mellon shares: “I’ve organized my closet in categories because I’m a little OCD….everything has its place.”
Take a look inside yourself and share your thoughts in the comments below!

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