Steal This Decor Trick From Tory Burch: Match Your Wallpaper To Your Furniture

Leah Bourne

94153550fad0ce21ecb5448dd6ef400c Steal This Decor Trick From Tory Burch: Match Your Wallpaper To Your FurnitureMatching furniture to wallpaper has seemed like a decor statement that only an aging society maven could pull off for quite some time, but that has begun to change. The gutsy look is popping up in the homes of style stars including Tory Burch (whose family room is pictured above), and its looking utterly refreshing all of a sudden.
Burch told the Wall Street Journal of the decor decision: “I loved the idea of taking an old-fashioned interiors-technique and modernizing it,” she said. “I often combine many different patterns in a room, but matching the walls and furniture with a particularly strong print feels fresh and impactful.”
To get a similar look yourself, think loud patterns and bold colors—stripes, toile, and paisley. Burch picked out her azure-blue tree print wallpaper and fabric from Clarence House applying it to her walls, and covering her couches and armchairs in the material. She completed the room with modern touches including including an oversized black and white silk screen.
Tired of a particular room in your home that feels mundane? This is a statement that will have everyone talking.
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