Steal Of The Day: Vintage-Inspired Floral Topshop Frame Purse For $24!


Topshop botanical floral frame purse, $24, at

Incorporating florals into our wardrobes is something that never seems to get old, especially when getting out and about in the outdoors is all we can wrap our heads around this time of year. But we’re also ready to take a different approach to the seasonal print as opposed to our usual longings for flowery dresses or blouses bedecked with roses.

We’re thinking this muted botanical and purse instead, with its vintage vibe and compact size that lets you fly lighter to your summer soirees than would a large summer tote or hobo. Plus, there’s just enough room inside for some extra spending cash which you’ll have plenty of, seeing as this piece will only have you down $24 when all is said and done!

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