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Stars Undressed: Most Memorable Lingerie Moments Caught On-Screen

Stars Undressed: Most Memorable Lingerie Moments Caught On-Screen


Nothing says sexy quite like a good lingerie scene. From Halle Berry to Sienna Miller, some of our favorite leading ladies have been known to strip down to their skivvies on-screen. Sure, nude scenes may be overtly sexy in that “Im blatantly naked and leaving nothing to the imagination” kind of way, but we think there is something a bit more seductive about keeping the underwear on. So set aside some time away from that to-do list, because the clips below aren’t ones you’ll want to speed through.

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Sienna Miller, Layer Cake

In what world would Sienna Miller in lingerie not make our list? This racy scene proves exactly why Miller is the fantasy of every man and the envy of every woman. What can we say Miller’s BF Jude Law is one lucky guy.

Eva Mendes, The Women

Ok, so The Women may be the epitome of a chick flick, but just mention the fact that Eva Mendes has a full-blown lingerie scene in which she struts around, bends over and checks herself out in the mirror for a full 2:45 minutes all while skimping it in a tight lacy corset, and we’re willing to bet guys everywhere will be gladly willing to watch.

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Jamie Lee Curtis, True Lies

We dont typically think of Jamie Lee Curtis in a sexy kind of way (I mean, My Girl ring a bell?), but back in her prime she was actually quite the sex symbol. Dont believe us? Check out the clip above. This racy striptease scene from True Lies is a far cry from the Jamie Lee Curtis we know today what with her Activia commercials and all. She sure knew how to bend those legs back in 1994.

Kelly Lebrock, Weird Science

What do you get when two teenage boys are left to create their idea of a fantasy woman? Kelly Lebrock in her underwear, apparently. Back in 1985, Weird Science gave 15-year old nerds everywhere some hope that one day they too could get a woman as sexy as the lingerie donning Kelly.

Halle Berry, Swordfish

Halle Berry is no stranger to stripping down onscreen, but her role in Swordfish was by far her most revealing yet. In fact, the lingerie scene above is nothing compared to Berrys full frontal topless scene later in the movie. When asked about baring it all, the actress (who’s also Vogue‘s September cover girl), told, I did the scene because it showed you that the character was in control of her sexuality and very comfortable with herself.” After watching, we couldnt agree more.

Jessica Biel, Powder Blue

Truth be told, it was hard to pick just one sexy underwear scene from Powder Blue, which makes sense when you consider the fact that Biel is half naked for the majority of the flick. When the combo of Jessica Biel plus a stripper pole equals very happy men all over the world, who really cares that the movie didnt make it past U.S. video stores? We say happiness trumps riches any day.

Ann Margret, Carnal Knowledge

This ones an oldie but a goodie. Any movie with the word “carnal” in the title is bound to have a handful of sexy lingerie scenes to choose from. This emotionally charged clip, featuring classic beauty Ann Margret and a young Jack Nicholson, is by far one of our favorites.

Scarlett Johansson, Hes Just Not That Into You

All you ladies out there should take a lesson from Scarlett Johansson. In this sexy scene, the blond bombshell proves that the way into Bradley Coopers heart, er pants, is by way of red lingerie. A disclaimer for anyone who has seen the movie were not advocating being the other woman, but we think this scene is just too sexy to leave off our list.

Cameron Diaz and Christina Applegate, The Sweetest Thing

Two underwear-clad ladies for the price of one what more could you ask for? They may not be in lacy numbers, but leave it to Diaz and Applegate to make granny panties look sexy. We think any guy out there would agree that these chicks definitely still have it.

Elisabeth Shue, Hollow Man

When you think sci-fi, you usually dont think of lingerie scenes, but Elisabeth Shue manages the unthinkable in this 2000 thriller. In the clip above, an invisible man attempts to molest Shues character while she sleeps. Yes we know its far-fetched, but nonetheless, it makes for one sexy scene.

Evangeline Lilly, Lost

This clip from the first season of Lost proves that sexy underwear scenes can be found on the small screen too. With the series behind us, were sure many a man are heartbroken over the fact that they wont be able to stare at Lilly on a weekly basis anymore. On the bright side, thats what YouTube clips like this are for.

  • Justin Bacon

    I knew this was going to be popular because sex sells.. but it’s definitely not selling as well as

    A Golf Ball on a Bungee Rope!

  • T

    Powder Blue was no striptease.

  • Anonymous

    In Hollow man, he’s invisible, not a ghost. Way to do your research.

  • marco

    Well you got to the top of Digg front page and that’s saying something

  • Mike

    elisabeth shue leaving las vegas

  • Late Fred

    You forgot the best one ever: Mary Elizabeth Winstead in the Scott Pilgrim movie.

  • Charlie

    Hollow Man is invisible, not a Ghost.

    It’s Daniel Craig in Layer Cake, not Jude Law.

    You are retarded.

  • courtney

    The Halle Berry scene is way up there on my fave’s. Nothing like a confidant woman!,

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  • Delany Decolleur

    That layercake scene is pretty sexy especially when she is pulling up those black stockings. Too bad they hauled off Daniel Craig tied him up and gagged him. I’d like to do a sexy lingerie scene like that on Delany Decolleur. I would love to tie a guy up with satin ties and gag him with my soft sexy satin panties.

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