Starbucks is Serving Booze AND Caffeine Now

starbucks new boozy espresso
Photo: Starbucks

For those of you mourning the end of the weekend and the wine that comes with it (sometimes before 5PM, #nojudgment), here’s a piece of news that will pick you up along with your morning cold brew: Starbucks, king of pumpkin spice lattes and caramel macchiatos, announced the debut of its first-ever alcoholic beverage, the Espresso Cloud IPA. Made with espresso and craft beer and invented by a Seattle-based S-bucks researcher and developer named Justin, the Espresso Cloud IPA is now on the Starbucks Evening menu, available at select locations across the U.S.

To create the boozy concoction, baristas shake espresso over ice with orange pieces and sweet vanilla. “Shaking the espresso produces a rich cloud of micro-foam with accents of citrus and vanilla,” explains the Starbucks blog 1912 Pike. “The foam is layered on top of a freshly poured IPA, and the beer is served with the cold-shaken espresso shot on the side. It’s a beautiful presentation with a fun twist, as pouring the shot over the beer creates a tantalizing, layered waterfall of espresso and craft beer in the glass.”

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Tantalizing, eh? Take a peek at how the Espresso Cloud IPA is made, above. Justin—adorable in his excitement to debut the drink to the world and, more importantly, his mom—says that it “blows his mind.” TBD on whether we agree after a taste test, but marketing lingo aside, we’ll admit that it does look pretty appetizing.

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