Spring 2014: 15 Top Trends From New York Fashion Week

Spring 2014: 15 Top Trends From New York Fashion Week
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As always, the end of New York Fashion Week brings with it the inevitable forecasting of next season’s trends, and while it’s still too early to tell which styles the masses will take to (the weather’s barely started to cool down for fall, how can we be expected to think about next spring?!), it’s worth highlighting a handful of strong recurring looks that emerged with a vengeance from last week’s fashion spectacle.

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While a few spring trends are repeats from seasons past (sheer everything), others definitely felt shiny and new (Mexico-inspired looks, swirly marble prints.) Of course, there were a few that might be a tad difficult to get behind (crop tops that aren’t merely cropped but completely midriff-baring, so start your crunches now), but we have a feeling fashion-following folks will give ’em the old college try come spring.

We know it’s a tad early to start planning out exactly what we’ll be wearing and buying come spring when we’re still mulling over which fall pieces to invest in, but it never hurts to get a mental jump on things, right?

That said, check out the spring 2014 gallery above that highlights 15 trends to know now from New York Fashion Week.

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