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With the commercialized ode to love careening toward us, it only seems appropriate that The Lake & Stars, VPL, and Araks are the latest brands to inhabit Urban Outfitters’ three-month-old pop up space for the month of February. As part of the mega-chain’s experimental retail endeavor, Space 15 Twenty, the retail shop will offer an eclectic selection of unmentionables for the pretty young things that frequent Urban Outfitters. There are plenty of edgier pieces from stylist turned designer Victoria Bartlett’s line VPL (Visible Panty Line), launched in 2003, as well as feminine bralettes from The Lake & Stars.

“We sent over a selection from our fall collection, as well as some spring pieces,” said The Lake & Stars co-owner and designer Maayan Zilberman of Urban Outfitter’s impromptu request to feature the two-year-old line at the pop-up shop, “We chose all classic silhouettes from our previous collections, a few of almost everything we’ve done.” Among the styles available at Urban, with catchy, tongue in cheek names in tow, are the “Genius Bra” and “Let’s Go Dutch, No Pressure.”


Photo: Sari Wynne, Tom Hines

The rotating pop-up shop is just one part of the Urban Outfitters’ initiative to maintain its reputation as the purveyor of cool for teens and twentysomethings. Space 15 Twenty is adjacent to the 11,000 square foot Urban Outfitters on Cahuenga Blvd in Hollywood, California.  The space plays host to a selection of retail outposts, including a bookstore specializing in art and architecture and a snack bar.  This space is unique in that it breaks the mold usually characteristic of a group retail setting, with a courtyard that leads from each store to an outdoor performance space, a neighboring gallery whose contents rotates bimonthly, and a flea market. What Comes Around Goes Around, Alife, Hennessey & Ingalls, and We the Free, the vintage inspired line from Free People aimed for a slightly more mature customer, are among the stores that opened here on November 21.

Steven Alan’s lower priced diffusion line, Lark & Wolff, occupied the retail space for the month of January and the entire collection is still available at Lark & Wolff, created exclusively for Urban Outfitters, is filled with separates for men and women that embrace the downtown, New York vibe that has become Steven Alan’s style dicta.

“The essence of Lark & Wolff is very similar to my original line. It’s very much rooted in New York, it’s the epicenter for where I think and where I’m designing. I think of a girl on the subway, on the street,” said Alan of his new line that boasts prices mostly under the hundred-dollar mark, “I live downtown, and I work downtown. I travel to Los Angeles and Japan a lot. When I’m designing, those areas are always what I’m thinking about. Everything that I do feels very American in terms of the influence. These pieces are a subversive take on classics.”

“In coming up with the name, I like the name Lark. It’s a pretty cool women’s name, and the Wolff is like a counterpart for the men’s line,” said Alan, adding that while workwear heavily influenced the Wolf component of the line, it was washed up, muted colors that served as the basis for the women’s pieces.

“I want to start to really build the brand. For me, I do it and you feel what people respond to the most and you strengthen that. The collection sort of molds because you don’t really know what’s going to happen starting out. It’s an evolution,” said Alan of his future plans for his Lark & Wolff collection.

Lark & Wolff followed in the footsteps of Urban’s first pop-up venture with designer Samantha Pleet, which featured her men’s and women’s lines, her sustainable line, Bodkin, and her line created specifically for Urban, Rapscallion.

Urban Outfitters’ Pop Up Store at Space 15 Twenty, 1520-1542 Cahuenga Blvd.,

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