Solve Holiday Hair Woes With 10 Gorgeous Accessories Under $100

Solve Holiday Hair Woes With 10 Gorgeous Accessories Under $100
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Without a doubt, resisting the urge to shop for yourself during the holiday season requires saintly levels of self control. Between trolling your favorite stores and sites for gifts, and the crazy amounts of holiday fetes you’re headed to, it’s pretty impossible to avoid not buying at least a little something for yourself. We’ve come up with a twofold solution: The ever-chic—and economical—hair accessory.

You might think barrettes and headbands are best reserved for your 10-year-old cousin or Upper East Side princess types (Blair Waldorf, anyone?), but the truth is, today’s versions are so delicate and gorgeously gilded, that they actually seem more like lovely pieces of jewelry.

Still not convinced? We suggest adding a jeweled headband or barrette to a messy bun or ponytail for maximum-chic effect. In other words, when your hair isn’t too perfect, the accessory will add a cool boho edge as opposed to looking too prim  and proper.

Read on to shop 10 adorable hair accessories that won’t break your gifting budget: All are under $100! 

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