Solange’s New Album Dropped Today, and People Are Losing It

Solange’s New Album Dropped Today, and People Are Losing It
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Update, September 30:

A Seat at the Table dropped today, and Twitter immediately exploded with praise. Heralded as “a detailed journey of self discovery and black pride” (Rolling Stone), Pitchfork named “Don’t Touch My Hair” as best new track.

Brb, we’re off to listen to this album on repeat all day.

Original Post:

Solange Knowles has a new album dropping Friday, called A Seat at the Table. And on the cover, she fixes the photographer with a Mona Lisa face, her hair in clips, her face nude.

We’ve come a long way from the Britney Spears era, when celebs clamored to smear on as much blue eyeshadow and thick foundation as they could, and entered a new realm in which many stars seem hell-bent on embracing their more natural look. And we love it.

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Photo: Columbia Records

Photo: Columbia Records

A Seat At The Table is “a project on identity, empowerment, independence, grief and healing,” Knowles says, and features people including Lil WayneKelly RowlandQ-Tip, and Sampha. It also features a song called “Don’t Touch My Hair,” which no one should ever actually have to say, but far too many people have already said, so—consider it a piece of important advice. 

Knowles released a digital book of poetry and images, also titled A Seat at the Table, this week; you can read the full opus here.

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Photo: Capital Records

Photo: Capital Records

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