Winter Outfit We Love: This Look Makes Us Want to Wear Socks With Heels

Meghan Blalock

Every day this week, we’ll be posting one winter outfit that we think is a total home run. Meaning, everything about the look works from top to bottom, and it’s not only stylish, but also unique, comfortable, and totally worth copying. For today: a look from New York Fashion Week that proves you really can wear socks under your heels and still look chic.

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Photo: ImaxTree

Here’s a woman who’s not afraid to take fashion risks—plain and simple. From the pairing of her bright red winter coat with a sky blue leather clutch, to her ballsy move of placing a strong polka dot pattern center stage, to wearing a pair of socks under her Valentino rockstud pumps—this girl isn’t afraid to play around with putting an outfit together. Far from straightforward, she takes several wardrobe staples and wears them in an intruiging way. Read on to find out more about why we love this outfit!

The Socks: As we’ve seen, the age-old rule against wearing socks with your heels is totally bogus. This gal proves it, above and beyond: she shows both stylishness and sense by wearing a pear of black socks beneath her Valentinos. The visibly high snow mounds behind her prove that winter is in full swing, and this lady illustrates that she’s no ditz when it comes to the weather. While many women, too afraid to throw a pair of thick socks on under their heels, tromp around in the ice and snow with painfully bare feet, this stylish maven knows better.

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The Colors: We love the contrast of the vivid, fire-engine red coat with the vaguely purple shade of her blouse. She then sets off that relationship with a sky blue leather clutch, which itself features touches of gray and black. Taken individually, you might not think these hues would make good bed mates—but once you see it all together, it makes so much sense.

The Mittens: We’re obsessed with these super-furry black mittens for winter. The top part of the mitten (where your fingers go) slides back so you can have your tips free to text, Instagram, or whatever your heart desires. But again, this lady shows she’s nothing if not practical; she doesn’t let good style get in the way of needing to keep her hands both warm and free to use. Instead, style and utility work together—and the results are both chic and playful.

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Are you a fan of this winter outfit, and do you think it’s worth copying? Let us know below!

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