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10 Social Media Hoaxes We All Fell For In 2013

10 Social Media Hoaxes We All Fell For In 2013

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  • twerking fail

    1. Twerking Fail Video, September 2013

    This video of a girl twerking on the wall, falling over backwards, then catching her clothes on fire on a burning candle, went viral basically overnight. Only a week later did talk show host Jimmy Kimmel reveal that he was behind the entire thing.

  • Cher Performs On NBC's

    2. #nowthatchersdead Cher Death Rumor, April 2013

    After Margaret Thatchet passed away this April, people began misreading the #NowThatchersDead hashtag as #NowThatChersDead, which began a rumor that the legendary singer had left us all for good.

    Photo: Getty Images / Getty Images
  • paris hilton twitter

    2. Paris Hilton's Ignorant Nelson Mandela Tweet, December 2013

    When Nelson Mandela passed away this month, a Tweet from Paris Hilton began circulating which illustrated she had no idea who the civil rights leader actually was. Paris eventually squelched the Tweet, asserting that it was completely fake and calling people who believed it "sick."

  • thanksgiving airplane war

    4. Elan vs. Diane, November 2013

    During the Thanksgiving holiday this year, TV producer Elan Gale live-tweeted an epic battle between himself and another passenger on a cross-country flight. It earned him Twitter followers and attracted the attention of bloggers everywhere. Not long after the incident, Elan admitted he had made the whole thing up.

  • waitress no tip

    5. No Tip on a $100 Bill, November 2013

    This photo of a receipt showing a $99 bill with no tip, along with a note asserting that the diners didn't tip because the waitress was homosexual, went viral on Twitter and had gay rights groups up in arms. Soon after, the couple who paid the bill came forward and provided proof that in fact they did tip the server $18.


  • 93.3 FLZ's Jingle Ball 2013 - Show

    6. Miley Cyrus Death Rumor, September 2013

    Not long after her controversial MTV VIdeo Music Awards performance, Miley Cyrus fell victim to Twitter death rumors, after an article falsely asserted that she had committed suicide over public reaction to her performance.

    Photo: Getty Images / Rick Diamond/Getty Images for Clear Channel
  • nelson mandela corpse

    7. Nelson Mandela Corpse Photo, December 2013

    After the civil rights leader passed away this December, this photo started circulating on Twitter, claiming to be an image of his corpse. But it soon emerged that it was nothing but a shot of the leader closing his eyes at a conference in 1991.

  • Ben Stiller Immortalized With Hand And Footprint Ceremony

    8. Tom Cruise Death Hoax, December 2013

    Just earlier this week, false news began making the rounds that Tom Cruise had died in some sort of tragic accident in Syracuse, New York. A couple days ago, a rep from Cruise's camp confirmed that the rumors were totally untrue.

    Photo: Getty Images / Kevin Winter/Getty Images
  • obama bomb

    9. White House Bomb, April 2013

    In April, this fake Teet from the Associated Press started making rounds on the Internet. It asserted that the White House had been bombed, and that President Obama was injured. This was clearly untrue, and the AP expressed outrage over the incident.

  • America's Most Wanted Music Festival With Lil Wayne And T.I. At The MGM Grand

    10. Lil' Wayne Death Hoax, March and December 2013

    New Orleans rapper Lil' Wayne fell victim to not one but two separate death hoaxes on Twitter this year. First, in March, he did a stint in a Los Angeles hospital for his epilepsy, and friends started Tweeting that he had passed away (which TMZ also reported). Then just this week, his epileptic seizures were caught on video, and the clip caused his fans to start Tweeting "RIP Lil' Wayne." But the rapper is still very much alive.

    Photo: Getty Images / Ethan Miller/Getty Images

In terms of social media, 2013 was a fairly crazy year. Between the introduction of Instagram video, Yahoo’s purchase of Tumblr for a staggering $1.1 billion, Snapchat’s rejection of Facebook’s proposed $3 billion acquisition, and Pinterest’s new mapping tool, it was a major year on every social front. And nothing was more major than the crazy hoaxes that were born, lived, and died on social media this year.

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In September, there was the “twerking fail” video, which went viral overnight and had people cackling in their cubicles from coast to coast. Talk show host/general funny guy Jimmy Kimmel revealed a week later that he was behind the whole thing. Then in November, there was that epic Elan Gale vs. Diane live-Tweet battle on a cross-country flight, which turned out to be totally fake.

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Click through the gallery to see this year’s top 10 social media hoaxes! We all fell for them, but now we know better.

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