Snoop Dogg’s Glorious Velvet Shoes Are Already Sold Out

Spencer Cain

Over the weekend, I was catching up on Racked and came across a post regarding a pair of Snoop Dogg velvet house shoes, available exclusively on Karmaloop. As a huge fan of the D-O-Double G, who has been raking up fashion cred (especially after a jaunt in St. Tropez with Karl Lagerfeld…still confused about that one), I immediately fell in love.

The shoes, which feature “Snoop Dogg signature embroidery” on the toe, were available for a beyond reasonable price of $32. However, when I clicked on the link, it informed me that they were already sold out. Again, these shoes are fantastic, so I can of course understand, but really? Within three days?

Clearly, some of you snagged these pimp-worthy numbers over the weekend, so please tell me if you did. I may be willing to double what you paid. I wish I were kidding…

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