Smart Ways To Shop Your Man’s Closet

Smart Ways To Shop Your Man’s Closet
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If you’re anything like me, you’re aseasoned veteran when it comes to menswear for women. After many years of playing dress-up in my brothers’ closet, I’m kind of an expert on proportions and how to make oversized shirt look chic without appearing too masculine.

Well ladies, I’m here today to inspire you to step out of your box and boldly step into your man’s. Your homework assignment this weekend is to raid your boyfriend’s (or brother’s in my case) closet and put together an outfit worthy of the concrete catwalk. I want you to embrace your inner tomboy with a sexy edge. Menswear is all about tailored relaxed looks with simple clean lines. There’s nothing sexier then a woman in her mans clothes, so have fun and discover your femininity with a masculine-inspired look.

Check out the slideshow above for some simple and easy tips on how to dress like a man in the most womanly way possible.

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