Sarah Jessica Parker’s Instagram Kind Of Makes Her Seem Homeless

Meghan Blalock

“Sex and the City” star/general all-around fashion icon Sarah Jessica Parker is really trying to get on the social media tip these days. First, she joined Twitter, and now: she has graced the Instagram world with her presence. And while we headed to her page hoping for photo upon photo of shoes, clothes, and general closet porn, what we saw when we arrived there was… confusing. Behold.

sjp instagram

This photo, of what appears to be a discarded Elmo shower loofa, was accompanied by the caption, “Tempted to pick him up and bring him home. But quickly imagined and hoped for its rightful owner re-tracing steps to a reunion.” And then there’s this gem, accompanied by the caption, “A gentleman with a message.”

sjp instagram 3

And, apparently, an off-center photo of the dirty subway wall struck her fancy.

sjp instagram 4

In her defense, SJP published a disclaimer along with her debut Instagram photo: “Images I’ve been collecting on my way to and from work.” But what’s weird here is that when you’re SJP, people don’t follow you on Instagram expecting to see pictures of the weird homeless man’s hand-penned signage.

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As New Yorkers ourselves, we see enough things like the below each day to last a lifetime. SJP, show us something pretty! We know you’ve got more pretty to show. Here’s hoping, but until then…

sjp instagram 2

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