17 Shorts Outfits to Sport All Summer Long

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Shorts Outfit Ideas
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Flashback to 7th grade when the only shorts you wore hit the exact tip of your fingers—and not an inch longer. And then back to college when you wore the shortest shorts you could find, just because there was nobody stopping you in the hallway to tell you otherwise. Even now, it probably feels a little bit like you’re breaking the rules when you wear shorts to work—right?

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But even if you’re not headed the office, figuring out new ways to style your cutoffs, cropped slacks, or whatever other type of shorts you’re into, can be hard. If you’ve fallen into a rut, good news: We culled 17 shorts outfits for summer to pique your creativity. See them all ahead.


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shorts outfit ideas
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shorts outfit ideas
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The Hairstyle We'll Be Wearing All Summer Long

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  • shorts outfit ideas
  • shorts outfit ideas
  • shorts outfit ideas

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