Short Celebrities: 35 Starlets That Are 5’3 Or Under

Short Celebrities: 35 Starlets That Are 5’3 Or Under
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There are certain things in life we have zero control over—the weather, taxes, and our height. Even in today’s fix-it-with-surgery world, we can’t change the fact that we might be the shortest girl in the room  (except with our footwear, which is usually a fun solution) and neither can short celebrities.

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While most of Hollywood embodies a certain type of physical perfection—thin, flawlessly toned, and legs for days—others are just as striking and stylish without having height on their side. One look at girls like Lady Gaga, Kim KardashianNatalie Portman, and Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen more than proves the point that shortest doesn’t mean less attractive.

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In the interest of informing you that, no, not all beautiful actresses are long and lithe, we compiled a guide to 35 short celebrities. Some are obvious, like the above names, but others just might surprise you.

Click through the gallery to see short celebrities who are 5’3 or under!

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