REISS Does 15 Pieces, 15 Ways, Warm Weather Must Haves!


StyleCasters latest edition of 15 Pieces, 15 Ways features springy wares from London-based REISS. The company is famous for affordable, yet on trend, clothing and accessories. Of course, we encourage you to shop the styled looks weve put together, but were willing to bet aspects of this wardrobe already exist in your closet! Let StyleCaster help you decide what purchases are an absolute must this season.

How do you get the most out of a spring shopping experience? Well getting the most implies that youre saving money, staying on trend while letting your style evolve with the times, and capitalizing on what you might already have in your wardrobe. Take a look at slide 3 to view all the beautiful REISS products, and heed this simple advice:

  • Sure you have a million pairs of denim, but do you have the latest 70s flare silhouette? If not, its a spring must-have. No doubt about it. Whip out the plastic, and double click on the link, and please for the love of god, throw out that hideous denim with rhinestone pocket detailing thats stuffed in the back of your drawer. Not sure what youre saving those for, unless you have a Jersey Shore themed party coming up?
  • Modernize the way you wear a button down, and dont be afraid to place it under a dress. When worn under a dress, button all the way to the top. Youll find that the lines of your entire look will lengthen, and you will appear more polished than ever.
  • Mix small prints to update an outfit. Take slide #10 for example, maybe you dont yet own the cap-sleeve animal print top, but every fashion obsessed girl on Gods green earth owns a striped shirt. Make the trendier purchase to update your wardrobe, and pair it with essentials that already exist in your closet. When you mix prints, you make people look at you and think, why didnt I think of that? How clever! You want to be thought of as having innovative style, right? Hey, were here to help.

1. Bonnie Striped Long Sleeve Shirt, $115
2. Farrah White Skinny Denim, $175
3. Straw Fedora, $70
4. Disco Gold Sequin Shorts, $250
5. Cedar Strapy Sandal, $310
6. Jen White V-Neck Dress, $345
7. Liv Leopard Tank Top, $185
8. Birkin Bell Bottom Jeans, $175
9. Lupin Leather & Canvas Wasit Belt, $115
10. Morgan Red Button Down, $215
11. Cherry Navy Jacket, $345
12. Ciara Brown Leather Sadel Bag, $300
13. Mario Amore Tee, $95
14. Paradisa White Wrap Dress, $375
15. Jeannie Gray Suede & Leather Boot, $310

All Clothing, Reiss

Photographer: Joseph D’arco, StyleCaster
Stylist: Emily Finnkbinder & Dee Grossmann, StyleCaster
Makeup: Brit Cochran, Britcochranmua
Hair: Roz Murray, Bumble and Bumble
Model: Vanusa, New York Models

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